[Standards] MIX and ProxyJIDs

Manuel Rubio manuel at altenwald.com
Thu May 24 13:50:52 UTC 2018


I know that from MUC and probably even before the privacy for the user 
is a priority and it's compulsory to use Proxy-JIDs in some way. But, in 
my use case we have a closed system and all of the users know to the 

Even if the server is opened to others, the private groups only accessed 
using invitation have the same property, all of the participants know 
the others.

For the users it's a waste of memory and network to ask all the time for 
who is the proxy-JID which is sending the message. I was thinking to use 
a new configuration param like:

- 'User real JID' default to false.

If that configuration is set to true, then the block:

   <mix xmlns='urn:xmpp:mix:core:0'>
     <jid>123456#coven at mix.shakespeare.example</jid>
     <real-jid>hag66 at shakespeare.example</real-jid>

It could change to use only the real JID instead of the proxy JID, but I 
think that way is just enough.

What do you think?

Manuel Rubio.

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