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Dave notes “Personally, I dislike the messages coming from the MIX channel's bare jid - that's inconsistent with how presence works (or, indeed, messages work normally). I'd rather they came from the full proxy jid.”

I agree that there would be an elegance in doing this, and it would avoid need to encode nick/jid in the message.


You'd still need the nickname and real jid in the message, I think, for all the same reasons that they're present now.

[Steve Kille]

OK.   My arguments against the change were essentially arising from my initial thought that you would remove them as the client can work them out.


As well as elegance, an advantage of making the change is that you do not need to put proxy-jid into the message if you can’t put the real JID there.


I think that we should make this change, unless the presence distribution discussion leads us to dropping proxy JID from core.






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