[Standards] XMPP Council Minutes 2018-05-23

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1) Roll Call - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roll_Call
Present: Dave, Kev, Georg, Daniel
Absent: Sam

538aba95-6e07-4d40-709b-f0ba0562c49f) Lack-of-Agenda Bashing
Dave admits to having deliberately neglected the agenda, and suggests not having a meeting at all.
With second thoughts, Dave asks whether the GDPR XEP should be passed-on to Board.

e07fbff9-ee31-465e-6da7-6b5a01c315c0) GDPR XEP
Kev thinks this is a Board decision, even if it ultimately needs to be approved by Council.
Dave is somewhat convinced it should go to Board due to the legal implications.
Kev doesn't think Council is qualified to assess legal situations, or to give advice thereof; and would much prefer to update XEP-0001 to allow 'Informational Board' XEPs.
Kev expresses gratitude for the work put into this, but thinks it would be irresponsible for Council to be the approving body; Dave is inclined to agree. Daniel is also glad for the information, but doesn't think an XEP is the right place.
Dave resolves to flag this to Board, and quickly conclude the meeting.

Georg is unsure on what Board is supposed to be more competent; Kev says Board is responsible for XSF legal matters, while Council is for technical.
Daniel thinks neither Board nor Council are necessarily qualified, but it's up to Board if they want to vote on it. Kev says that if Board feels they are unqualified and don't want to seek external advice, that's also OK.

Georg hasn't yet had time to read the XEP, but asks if it appears to contain legal advice. Dave says it's trying to avoid being legal advice, but any apparent legal advice could be problematic.
Kev says it doesn't really say anything at the moment, but back-filling a document with legal advice seems irresponsible.
Regardless of whether it's technically legal advice, Daniel isn't sure an XEP is the right place for it, and would argue whether the XSF is even the right place, but is open for Board to disagree.

Georg asks if Council is to vote on delegating to Board an XEP that is supposed to contain advice of an apparent-but-actually-not legal nature. Kev says that it's certainly advice of a legal nature, but whether it is legal advice is another matter.
Kev thinks it should be passed-on to Board and they can decide the appropriate action.

Georg asks if Legal Counsel is now needed; Kev and Dave say it's for Board to seek Legal Counsel if they choose.

7a11de5a-b5a0-4529-fea9-62d4adbc2e5b) AOB
"Keep Jabbering!®" t-shirts to go on sale someday, maybe.

acb521dd-bb73-43b0-89ab-37444ec78af3) Next Meeting
2018-05-30 1500 UTC, probably.

f61af57e-85c1-43b5-648d-cd66482ac843) Close
Dave appears to have made a dash for the exit while nobody was looking; everybody else stands around wondering if this non-meeting has ended.

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