[Standards] XMPP Council Minutes 2018-10-31

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Thu Nov 1 19:09:51 UTC 2018


1) Is There Anybody Out There?
Out There: Daniel, Dave, Georg, Kev, Sam

2) Items for a vote
Dave doesn't think there are any, but also didn't do much prep. for this meeting.
Georg suggests that Somebody ought to sort out the SoD to determine which expired votes should be resurrected; Dave says that putting it on his to-do list is very much on his to-do list.

3) AOB
Georg mentions the upcoming Council elections; Dave notes that the list of candidates is currently quite sparse.
Jonas adds a reminder of the current Last Calls, which are soon to end (Nov. 3rd), for XEP-0357 (Push Notifications) and XEP-0359 (Unique and Stable Stanza IDs).
Georg points out that the next Council meeting will be after the Council election candidate submission deadline; Dave suggests that anyone wishing to stand for next year's Council should do the Wiki thing and stand soon.
Dave has no idea what happens if Council and/or Board are undermanned, but thinks they would have to co-opt. Kev suggests a Council consisting of just Dave would probably be a bad thing.
Dave nudges again for people to stand if they are able, and to encourage others to stand too.

4) Next Meeting
Dave won't be able to make this time next week, so somebody else will have to herd the cats.
Kev realises he also won't be able to make next week.
The remaining Council members are happy to persevere next week.

2018-11-07 1600 UTC (0800 PDT; 1000 CDT; 1100 EDT; 1600 GMT; 1700 CET; 1800 EET; 1900 MSK; 2018-11-01 0000 AWST)

[DST ends in North America on Sunday (4th), bringing them back in line with the rest of the civilised world. DST also begins, or has already begun, for the various southern hemisphere regions that participate in budget time-travelling.]

5) Close
Thanks all. Thanks. Thanks!

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