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*sigh* typically, I sent messages and was wondering where everyone else was, but it appears I'm just silently not in any XSF rooms again. Sorry about that.


On Fri, Oct 12, 2018, at 12:49, Tedd Sterr wrote:
> http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2018-10-10/#14:59:26
> [Due to technical difficulties, the day's log is extremely patchy, such 
> that much of the meeting content is missing.]
> 1) Who's Here Anyway?
> Present: Kev, Georg, Dave
> Technical difficulties: Daniel
> Whereabouts unknown: Sam
> 2) PR #706 - Update BCP 14 language to comply with RFC 8174 - 
> https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/706
> Kev is concerned this might change the meaning of XEPs, but agrees it's 
> sensible.
> Dave doesn't think lower-case RFC 2119 language was ever intentionally 
> used.
> Georg had objected to a recent XEP as it was using lower-case words, 
> only to learn from Kev that the two are technically equivalent. Dave 
> adds that the IETF has commonly held that they are equivalent, but even 
> the author of RFC 2119 didn't intend that.
> Kev thinks it would be unfortunate to push this change if it would 
> result in changing the meaning of XEPs, and thinks it best to catch any 
> lower-case usage to be updated at the same time.
> Dave thinks it would be sensible to find any such usage and ensure they 
> are upper-case where necessary.
> Georg thinks the PR should be accepted as a clear statement of 
> expectation, even when it risks changing the meaning of existing XEPs 
> (any such XEPs are not well-written.)
> Kev is loathe to change the meaning of any XEP without a version bump; 
> Georg asks whether Kev is volunteering to check all existing XEPs for 
> lowercase-but-normative usage.
> Georg wonders whether some authors may have intended for lower-case 
> words to be non-normative; Dave accepts the possibility -- suspecting 
> lower-case instances are almost exclusively non-normative -- and thinks 
> the existing corpus should be surveyed, but would prefer not to have 
> this wallow for eternity. Kev doesn't think there's a desperate rush for 
> this to be merged. Georg points to the long list of semi-abandoned PRs 
> which may well be caused by there being no desperate rush.
> Dave will see about doing some grepping (no promises.)
> Kev: [on-list] (hoping someone does the requisite grep in the meantime)
> Dave: +1
> Georg: +1
> Daniel: [pending]
> Sam: [pending]
> 3) Spreadsheet of Doom Access
> Dave is happy to give anyone (Council and Editors) access to the 
> Spreadsheet of Doom (SoD).
> Dave asks whether Jonas wants write access. Georg asks if Jonas would 
> kindly volunteer to track votes in the SoD; Jonas likes the SoD 
> precisely so he doesn't have to track the votes, but write access would 
> be useful to allow marking things as done.
> Dave thinks it would be useful for Council to be able to track their own 
> votes. [Hint, hint.]
> 4) AOB
> Georg asks about outstanding votes - thinks his own has already expired 
> or been vetoed.
> Dave has some outstanding and will get to them.
> 5) Next Meeting
> 2018-10-17 1500 UTC
> Dave makes tentative apologies for next week, but will try to attend.
> Kev is unlikely to be able to make it.
> Georg mentions the upcoming Daylight Saving Time (DST) change, and 
> suggests discussing the next DST meeting. Kev thinks Council should 
> track UK time; Dave suggests EU time - Georg seconds that.
> 6) Close
> Georg and Kev thank everyone.
> Some mention of logs.xmpp.org not responding, and the MUC not being 
> reachable for everyone (hence Daniel missing.)
> Further discussion of DST and the fun it causes for scheduling.
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