[Standards] XMPP Council Minutes 2010-10-10

Florian Schmaus flo at geekplace.eu
Fri Oct 12 18:53:27 UTC 2018

On 12.10.2018 19:49, Tedd Sterr wrote:
> http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2018-10-10/#14:59:26
> [Due to technical difficulties, the day's log is extremely patchy, such
> that much of the meeting content is missing.]
> *1) Who's Here Anyway?*
> Present: Kev, Georg, Dave
> Technical difficulties: Daniel
> Whereabouts unknown: Sam
> *2) PR #706 - Update BCP 14 language to comply with RFC 8174* -
> https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/706
> Kev is concerned this might change the meaning of XEPs, but agrees it's
> sensible.

Instead of changing all existing XEPs, can't we
1. change the xep.xsl so that XEPs can select either the current or the
new proposed "Requirements Conformance" text (defaulting to the current)
2. switch the xep-template.xml to use the new one?

This would give us the best of both worlds, as it does not change the
existing XEPs, but older XEPs could switch to the new text after they
have been cleared.

- Florian

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