[Standards] XMPP Council Minutes 2010-10-10

Tedd Sterr teddsterr at outlook.com
Sat Oct 13 18:10:04 UTC 2018

> 2) PR #706 - Update BCP 14 language to comply with RFC 8174 - https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/706

I have to wonder whether "an implementation must" could mean anything different from "an implementation MUST" -- how else could it be interpreted? Would 'must' mean it's actually not mandatory, but 'MUST' does? I've always considered the upper-casing as little more than highlighting/emphasis.

Anyway, one dirty Python program later, and it doesn't look like the most fun task for anyone (even considering only 'current' XEPs.) But from a quick look, most usage doesn't appear likely normative.

Dump follows…

Format is:
 - one section per status (Active, Final, Draft, Proposed, Experimental)
 - list of RFC-2119 magic words (upper and lower-case versions), with total counts for the section
 - list of XEPs containing lower-case instances, and counts for each of those
 - (negated-phrase counts are not separated, e.g. "MAY" is for both "MAY" and "MAY NOT")

** Active **
  MAY           102
  MUST          145
  OPTIONAL      4
  REQUIRED      3
  SHALL         3
  SHOULD        251
  may           210
  must          62
  optional      5
  recommended   17
  required      12
  shall         111
  should        48
XEP-0001    required=1, should=10, must=31, may=43, shall=39, recommended=2
XEP-0002    must=1, may=4, shall=1
XEP-0019    should=1, may=2
XEP-0049    may=1
XEP-0053    should=1, must=3, may=7, shall=38
XEP-0054    should=2, must=1, may=3
XEP-0055    required=1, shall=1
XEP-0068    should=2, must=8, shall=1, recommended=1
XEP-0076    may=1, shall=1
XEP-0082    should=1, shall=1, recommended=1, optional=2
XEP-0083    should=3
XEP-0100    required=3, should=1, must=3, may=17, recommended=1
XEP-0114    may=1
XEP-0127    may=1
XEP-0128    must=2, may=4
XEP-0132    may=7, shall=11, recommended=2, optional=1
XEP-0133    may=46, shall=2
XEP-0134    should=1, must=5, may=3, shall=1
XEP-0143    required=3, should=5, must=1, may=8, recommended=1, optional=1
XEP-0145    required=1
XEP-0147    should=1, may=2, recommended=1
XEP-0148    may=5, shall=1
XEP-0149    should=1, may=9
XEP-0153    should=1, may=2, recommended=1
XEP-0157    required=1, should=1, may=9
XEP-0160    may=3, shall=1
XEP-0169    should=1, must=1
XEP-0170    may=2, shall=1, recommended=1
XEP-0178    shall=1, recommended=1
XEP-0182    required=1, may=3
XEP-0183    may=4, shall=2
XEP-0185    should=1, recommended=1
XEP-0201    should=1, shall=3
XEP-0205    required=1, must=2, may=12, recommended=2
XEP-0207    should=3, may=2, shall=1
XEP-0222    must=2, may=1, shall=1
XEP-0223    must=1, may=1, shall=1
XEP-0239    may=1, shall=2
XEP-0245    recommended=1
XEP-0263    shall=1
XEP-0286    should=8, must=1, may=3, recommended=1, optional=1
XEP-0295    should=3, may=3

** Final **
  MAY           75
  MUST          195
  OPTIONAL      8
  REQUIRED      7
  SHOULD        143
  may           41
  must          6
  optional      10
  recommended   10
  required      18
  shall         8
  should        19
XEP-0004    required=2, should=9, must=1, may=8, shall=1
XEP-0012    shall=2
XEP-0030    required=1, should=1, must=3, may=17, optional=1
XEP-0047    shall=2
XEP-0077    required=14, should=2, must=2, may=4, shall=2, recommended=1
XEP-0138    may=5
XEP-0174    required=1, recommended=7, optional=8
XEP-0199    should=2, may=2, shall=1
XEP-0202    should=3, may=5, recommended=1, optional=1
XEP-0203    should=2, recommended=1

** Draft **
  MAY           544
  MUST          1499
  OPTIONAL      53
  REQUIRED      44
  SHALL         11
  SHOULD        841
  may           284
  must          50
  optional      19
  recommended   25
  required      64
  shall         117
  should        102
XEP-0013    required=1, should=1, must=1, may=2
XEP-0033    should=2, must=1, may=1, shall=1
XEP-0045    required=11, should=3, must=6, may=18, shall=19, recommended=1, optional=4
XEP-0048    should=2, may=2, recommended=1
XEP-0050    required=5, should=7, may=5
XEP-0059    should=2, may=4, shall=3
XEP-0060    required=7, should=2, must=4, may=79, shall=14, recommended=1, optional=1
XEP-0065    required=2, shall=2, optional=1
XEP-0066    must=1, recommended=1, optional=2
XEP-0070    should=1, may=3, shall=3
XEP-0072    required=8, should=5, must=3, may=17, recommended=2, optional=1
XEP-0079    should=3, may=5, shall=5
XEP-0080    may=1, shall=5
XEP-0084    may=1, shall=1
XEP-0092    required=1, may=1
XEP-0106    required=1, should=4, may=14, shall=2, optional=2
XEP-0107    should=1, may=1, shall=1
XEP-0108    should=1, may=2, shall=1
XEP-0115    required=2, should=2, must=9, may=7, shall=2, recommended=1
XEP-0118    should=2, may=2, shall=1
XEP-0122    should=5, may=5, shall=6
XEP-0124    required=3, should=3, must=1, optional=1
XEP-0131    must=1, may=13
XEP-0141    required=1, may=4
XEP-0144    required=2, should=6, may=4, recommended=2
XEP-0152    shall=1
XEP-0155    required=6, should=1, must=5, may=26, shall=3
XEP-0156    shall=1
XEP-0158    required=3, should=4, must=3, may=8, shall=2
XEP-0163    must=2, may=4, shall=5
XEP-0166    shall=7, recommended=10, optional=1
XEP-0167    shall=8
XEP-0171    required=3, should=5, must=1, may=1, recommended=2, optional=1
XEP-0172    may=1, shall=1
XEP-0176    shall=2, optional=1
XEP-0177    required=1, shall=1
XEP-0184    shall=2
XEP-0191    required=2, should=2, must=1, may=1, shall=6
XEP-0198    should=1, may=1
XEP-0206    required=1, should=1, may=1
XEP-0220    should=2, must=1, shall=1
XEP-0221    may=1, recommended=1, optional=1
XEP-0227    should=1, may=5
XEP-0231    must=1, may=1, optional=1
XEP-0233    should=3, must=1, may=1, shall=1
XEP-0249    shall=2
XEP-0258    should=12, must=1, may=26, optional=1
XEP-0260    shall=6
XEP-0288    should=1, may=2
XEP-0293    required=2, should=1
XEP-0297    should=10, must=1, may=2
XEP-0301    required=2, must=2, may=7, shall=1, recommended=3, optional=1
XEP-0308    should=1, must=1, may=3
XEP-0319    shall=1
XEP-0368    should=4, may=1
XEP-0387    should=1, must=3, may=1

** Proposed **
  MAY           32
  MUST          77
  OPTIONAL      7
  SHOULD        46
  may           8
  must          2
  optional      1
  required      6
  shall         21
  should        6
XEP-0186    required=1, shall=5
XEP-0234    required=1, shall=4, optional=1
XEP-0280    required=2, should=1, must=1, may=3, shall=1
XEP-0352    required=1, should=1, must=1, may=2
XEP-0363    required=1, should=1, may=2, shall=1
XEP-0381    should=3, may=1, shall=10

** Experimental **
  MAY           169
  MUST          374
  OPTIONAL      7
  REQUIRED      9
  SHALL         6
  SHOULD        128
  may           80
  must          27
  optional      8
  recommended   6
  required      14
  shall         3
  should        59
XEP-0283    should=1, may=2, shall=1
XEP-0300    should=1, must=1, shall=1, recommended=1
XEP-0313    required=3, should=10, must=4, may=16, optional=1
XEP-0335    should=3, must=1
XEP-0369    should=2, must=1, may=7, recommended=2, optional=4
XEP-0373    required=3, should=10, must=2, may=8, optional=1
XEP-0384    may=2
XEP-0385    should=2, may=3, recommended=1
XEP-0391    should=1, must=1
XEP-0392    should=5, must=4, may=4
XEP-0393    required=2, should=3, may=18
XEP-0394    may=3
XEP-0395    shall=1
XEP-0396    must=1
XEP-0397    required=2, should=2, must=5, may=1, optional=1
XEP-0398    should=1
XEP-0399    may=3
XEP-0400    required=1, should=3
XEP-0401    should=6, must=3, may=3
XEP-0402    should=2
XEP-0403    required=1, should=1, must=2, may=4
XEP-0404    may=1
XEP-0406    required=2, must=1, optional=1
XEP-0407    should=2, may=2, recommended=2
XEP-0408    may=1
XEP-0409    should=1, must=1
XEP-0410    should=3, may=2

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