[Standards] XMPP Council Minutes 2018-10-24

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Kev pre-emptively votes -0 for PR #706, for expediency.
Dave updates the SoD. Georg asks what happens to all of the expired votes - Dave says all missing votes are assumed to be abstaining.

1) Who else is here apart from Kev?
Here and Kev: Kev
Here and not Kev: Dave, Georg, Sam, Daniel.

2) Matters for a vote
Dave didn't find anything new to vote on this week; Georg is not aware of anything, but that's not a reliable indication.

3) Outstanding Votes
Dave thinks that the only currently non-expired vote is the RFC 2119 / 8174 change (PR #706), awaiting a vote from Daniel.
Daniel mentions that he missed that meeting, and will read-up on the minutes.

4) AOB
Dave explains that what actually expires is people's right to vote, so anybody who doesn't vote within the two weeks is assumed to have abstained, and the remaining votes will decide.
Georg asks what happens to items that get neither a majority vote nor a veto - Kev says they don't pass, assuming they are things that would require a majority. Dave says to assume abstaining votes are equal to zeroes.
Georg asks whether expired votes could be brought up again for a new vote - Dave thinks so, in principle, and suggests he might go through everything that failed to pass due to an expired vote for adding to next week's agenda.

5) Next Meeting
Georg notes that Winter is coming (to remind everyone of the impending doom of European DST), and thinks Sam is the only one negatively affected (as the rest of Council are in Europe & UK); Sam appreciates the reminder.
Kev says the usual process is to modify the meeting time according to European time.
Dave asks Sam whether the change will cause him problems - Sam is fine with the time, but would like a Knocker-up [1].

2018-10-31 1600 UTC (0900 PDT; 1100 CDT; 1200 EDT; 1600 GMT; 1700 CET; 1800 EET; 1900 MSK; 2018-11-01 0000 AWST)

[European and UK time revert from Daylight Saving Time (DST) on Sunday (28th), at 0100 UTC, effectively moving the next meeting to 1 hour earlier for those in other time zones. North America follows suit the Sunday after.]

6) Close
Thanks all.

Georg reminds everyone to prepare their re-election rally.
Dave also suggests seeking others who might be good.
[The number of applicants so far is embarrassing - don't leave it until the last minute! FYI: Last minute is November 4th -- https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2018]

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knocker-up

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