[Standards] XMPP Council Minutes 2018-09-19

Tedd Sterr teddsterr at outlook.com
Thu Sep 20 18:55:04 UTC 2018

> 1.111) AOB
> Georg notices PRs #591 and #598, which were vetoed, and asks if anyone
> remembers what the next steps were for them.
> Sam thinks they should be closed, and if the authors want to change things
> they can submit new PRs; Sam vaguely remembers that having more optional
> things didn't feel good.
> Georg notes that in February Kev suggested to do a rewording of the text to
> make the intention clear.
> Sam thinks they can be closed to clean up the PRs, and will leave a note
> about rewording.

According to the very nicely prepared minutes, #591 and #598 were vetoed, with the resolution to deprecate the execute action and avoid the confusion it caused.

But Somebody™ needs to actually write that up and submit a new PR.

… Dave attempts to clarify that the default for the execute action is 'complete', unless other actions are specified whereby the default is 'next' which may not even be present - Kev confirms.
Kev mentions PR #598 as his attempt to address the issue by unifying the execute attribute and action into one, and that everyone should consider carefully whether this solution will break anything.
Dave suggests an alternative solution might be to deprecate the execute action; Kev thinks this could be a better solution.
Dave repeats his suggestion of deprecating the execute action, on the basis of unexpected behaviour; Sam agrees this seems like a good solution as multiple people have been confused in a similar way.

Jonas asks for clarification on the state of the xep50 PRs. Neither is to be merged. Brief discussion between Georg and Kev repeating the idea of dropping <execute/> except for initiation, leaving a note explaining the old mess so implementations can choose to try to deal with it somehow or not (there isn't any proper dealing with it, or we'd not need to make a breaking change to the XEP).

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