[Standards] Stanza Content Encryption

Paul Schaub vanitasvitae at fsfe.org
Mon Apr 1 08:13:27 UTC 2019

Hi everyone!

The Sprint in Berlin was great and it was huge fun meeting so many
developers (and users as well!) in person. There was a ton of
interesting discussions around OMEMO and other stuff, as well as some
productive coding (and Mate!).

I took the opportunity to once again start a discussion around partial
stanza encryption. The results have been collected in the XMPP wiki:

The ultimate goal is to create a ProtoXEP along with some experimental
implementations, so we can finally start to gather some experience on
this unexplored topic. I know there be dragons and we should carefully
think about rules to prevent evil things from happening, but we also
have to get started, as I think this topic has been postponed for all
too long.

The specification is worked on on Github and a rendered version can be
found below (this is all what I came up with while on my train home).
The purpose of this mail is to get some first feedback and make people
aware about the work, so they can get involved in the process :)


I also created a small MUC on the topic, although the address is not
final, as I may move the conversation to a more stable server (mine is
hosted behind dyndns, so Schroedingers Chat might kick in :/).

xmpp:sce at conference.jabberhead.tk?join

Happy Hacking!

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