[Standards] XEP-0050 (Ad-Hoc): "next" and "complete" actions

Maxime Buquet pep at bouah.net
Sun Apr 14 00:50:37 UTC 2019

Hi Standards,

A Slixmpp user ran into an issue[0] with assumptions that the library
has when it shouldn't.

When playing with the `adhoc_provider` example of Slixmpp, I realized
though that it sends `<actions><complete/><actions>`, and none of
Gajim and Poezio send `complete`. Gajim sends `execute` to progress
while Poezio sends `next`.

While it does make sense in english, I have not found in the XEP
evidence that these steps are equivalent. I am saying this because the
XEP explicitely states that `execute` is equivalent to `next` in
paragraph 3.4:

> The action "execute" is always allowed, and is equivalent to the
> action "next".

Am I missing something in the XEP? Is it something that is taken for
granted? If so should we add something about it?

[0]: https://lab.louiz.org/poezio/slixmpp/issues/3432#note_8082

Maxime “pep” Buquet
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