[Standards] Council Minutes 2019-08-07

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With Dave absent, and Georg unable to reprise his much-loved role as Fake-Dave (complete with realistic latex face mask) due to real-life intrusions, Link is volunteered into the position of Acting Chair.

1) Roll Call
Present: Link, Jonas
Semi-present: Georg
Apologies: Dave, Kev

2) Agenda Bashing
Acting Chair Link Mauve requests agenda items - Jonas notes three PRs.

3) PR #806 - XEP-0060: Add pubsub#public in Publish-Subscribe features - https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/806
Jonas thinks this would also require a feature on the PubSub service, so that non-public nodes can be identified - Link thinks so too.
Pep suggests this is unnecessary as nodes effectively default to public currently, so a non-supporting server can only return public items, and a supporting server can hide non-public ones.
Link will send feedback to the author.

Link: [on-list]
Jonas: [on-list]
Georg: [on-list]
Dave: [pending]
Kev: [pending]

4) PR #808 - XEP-0045: Add Tags configuration and metadata - https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/808
Link: [on-list]
Jonas: +1
Georg: [on-list]
Dave: [pending]
Kev: [pending]

5) PR #805 - XEP-0060: Add a pubsub#rsm disco#info feature to clear confusion - https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/805
Jonas: +1
Link: +1
Georg: [on-list]
Dave: [pending]
Kev: [pending]

Link advises the author to register the feature with the Registrar, and add it into section 16.3, and maybe section 10.

6) Outstanding Votes
Acting Chair Link Mauve can't find anything, but would like to remind Editor that some PRs have been voted on and so should be merged or closed.

7) Next Meeting
2019-08-14 1500 UTC

Link won't be here in two weeks. [A temporary, rather than existential, state.]

8) AOB
Georg suddenly appears, after suffering a network outage, and dramatically on-lists everything.

Georg has sent something [1] to the list regarding Message Errors, and would appreciate Council feedback.

Georg also notes the much-anticipated Compliance Suites 2020 video conference with Kev has yet to happen.

9) End of Meeting
Thanks all!

[1] https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2019-August/036332.html

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