[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Character counting in message bodies

Marvin W xmpp at larma.de
Wed Dec 18 16:58:34 UTC 2019

On 12/18/19 5:00 PM, Ralph Meijer wrote:
> I'd not be opposed to changing the definition of 'end' here. Twitter 
> Entities [1] also points to the character after.

I don't think it really is a "change", in XEP-394 it is already defined 
this way ("the last affected codepoint is the one just before end" [1]) 
and the example in XEP-372 [2] also counts that way (char 72 is the "J" 
of and char 78 is the space after "Juliet"). Only the text misleadingly 
says "An end attribute is similarly used for the index of the last 
character of the reference.", so this may need a clarification.

[1] https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0394.html#usecases-inline
[2] https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0372.html#example-3

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