[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Character counting in message bodies

Florian Schmaus flo at geekplace.eu
Sat Dec 21 09:53:44 UTC 2019

On 21.12.19 10:50, Andrew Nenakhov wrote:
> пт, 20 дек. 2019 г. в 19:25, Marvin W <xmpp at larma.de
> <mailto:xmpp at larma.de>>:
>     On 12/20/19 1:15 PM, Andrew Nenakhov wrote:
>     > You have sent a string '>>>>>', which was escaped to
>     > '>>>>>' before sending to the server.
>     I have sent ">>>>>" verbatim (exactly the stanza I send you in the last
>     mail was what went (TLS encrypted) to the server. According to XML
>     standard "the ampersand character (&) and the left angle bracket (<)
>     must not appear in their literal form" [1], but nothing is wrong with
>     having > in literal form (if it doesn't appear after "]]" in which case
>     it has to be replaced with a reference).
> Before we proceed any further, could you please clarify what exactly you
> mean by 'I have sent ... verbatim' ? 

This was the string presented to the layers below the XML layers, e.g.
TLS, to be put on the wire.

- Florian

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