[Standards] MIX: Roster entries -> private PEP node (or something)

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Mon Jun 17 16:20:53 UTC 2019


at the last summit we sort of came to the conclusion that we want to
get rid of MIX roster entries and instead place 'joined channels' into
a private PEP node or some other (non roster) place.

The arguments in favor of roster were that it can be used to
automatically send presence; However the same is true for any other
storage place as the server can just decide to do that.

Speaking against putting it in the roster is that it couples roster
and MIX (some modern implementations might not want to use a roster
but want to use MIX).

For my own implementation i’m currently stuck at this point because
loading the list of joined channels is the next logical step but
without defining the syntax to retrieve that (and without having a
server implementation) I can’t really move forward with that.

So could we (as a community) reconfirm that we actually want to move
mix entries out of the roster and then define where we want to store
them again?


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