[Standards] XMPP Compliance Badges, prototype feedback requested.

goffi goffi at goffi.org
Fri Jun 21 06:49:28 UTC 2019

Le 2019-05-23 13:02, Guus der Kinderen a écrit :
> Hello,
> There's an effort under way to have developed visual badges associated
> to the XMPP Compliance Suites.
> To my knowledge, three variants of badges are under development:
> 	* https://op-co.de/tmp/xmpp-compliance-badges/
> 	* https://bitbucket.org/mrtedd/compliance-badges/src
> 	*
> https://opensourcedesign.net/jobs/jobs/2019-03-19-design-of-badges-for-different-xmpp-compliance-levels
> We're looking for feedback on the visual quality and content of these
> prototypes. Anything that will help the authors to improve them, as
> well as for us to eventually choose between them, is highly
> appreciated.


- I find the 1) (op-co.de) not clear enough: "core client" is a bit 
confusing for people who don't know the XMPP client.

- the 2) (bitbucket.org) version is way more clear: we immediately see 
that's it's XMPP, the year, then the category passed

- version 3) (opensourcedesign.net) is more beautiful and catchy: the 2 
first ones looks like any badge while 3) can be recognized at first 
   I think we should see "XMPP" and year first, then the categories 
passed, in the same spirit as 2). Also this badge would be nice on a web 
page, but maybe not on top of a rendered README.

So my favories are 2) and 3), and I wonder if we couldn't have both: 2) 
seems better for a documentation, while 3) seems better to put on a 

Other remarks:

- will the badges be associated to the compliance tester? In this case 
should they link to it? And if we go further, could we have a list of 
all clients passing a test by clicking on a badge?

- I know it's more a compliance suite issue than a badge issue, but we 
should really have a "social" category, with at least XEP-0277. It's a 
category that we are improving a lot, and a badge would help potential 
user to see which client support that. Too late for 2019 suite, but 
would be nice to think about it for 2020.

Thanks for the work to all people involved.


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