[Standards] Council Minutes 2019-06-19

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Fri Jun 21 20:43:49 UTC 2019


1) Roll Call
Present: Jonas, Dave, Link
Apologies: Georg, Kev

2) Firmly Agenda Bashing
Jonas would like to LC XEP-0300 (again) - Dave says it was already voted and Georg wanted to -1 until he'd taken a proper look - Jonas says Georg can take a proper look now that a rendered version has been published.

Jonas also notes PR #793 needs Council attention.

3a) Last Call: XEP-0300 (Use of Cryptographic Hash Functions in XMPP) - https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0300.html
Jonas to shepherd, if required.

Jonas: +1
Dave: +1
Link: +1
Georg: [pending]
Kev: [pending]

4) Outstanding Votes
Hold on a second…

3b) PR #793 - XEP-0166: Relax transport element requirement - https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/793
Dave asks whether this has been discussed on the Standards list - Jonas isn't sure, but remembers reading something somewhere sometime.
Dave hasn't reviewed it, so is going to hold a -1 pending review and hunting for discussion evidence - expects plenty of people will have opinions on Jingle. Link thinks someone should poke Rion to start a thread about it - Jonas hands Link a stick.

Jonas: [on-list]
Link: [on-list]
Dave: -1 (pending review)
Georg: [pending]
Kev: [pending]

4) Outstanding Votes Really This Time
Now there are some.

5) Next Meeting
2019-06-26 1500 UTC

6) AOB
Link asks Editors to merge PRs #690 and #789.

7) Close

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