[Standards] XEP-0191 leads to stale presence?

Tedd Sterr teddsterr at outlook.com
Sat Jun 22 11:48:35 UTC 2019

Thanks for the explanation - I obviously didn't read that very carefully (don't post late at night!)

Still, it should be as if you just came online with regard to the unblocked contact - that means for both sending and receiving presence.
Blocking will most likely last longer than five minutes, so the server may discard any presence information it was holding.
If the contact is ever unblocked then fresh presence should be retrieved.

But the XEP should probably explain this.

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The section means, my server sends my presence to the now unblocked contact. Yes this would look like im coming online to the contact.
But this does not solves the problem that i dont have current presence information about the unblocked contact.
The server sending my presence to the contact does not lead to getting up-to-date presence information of the contact back.

So if you follow the XEP, you end up with stale presence of the unblocked contact.


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