[Standards] A Short Note about "Tedd Sterr"

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Nov 25 09:45:37 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

For the past couple of years the pseudonymous "Tedd Sterr" has been writing
minutes, and more recently tracking voting status of the XMPP Council.

We received minutes on the 21st of March 2018 from Tedd, and they've become
a steady fixture ever since. Voting status emails came later - again,
unbidden. Sometimes we've even had an agenda.

I can't begin to adequately explain how useful this is. The minutes Tedd
sends out are highly engaging summaries of what happened in the meetings
and I hope they're as useful to others as they are to me and the rest of
the Council.

Tedd is not (as far as I know, anyway), an XSF member, and yet they're
easily one of the most valuable members of the community in terms of
helping the system flow smoothly.

I'm hoping that someone else steps up to do the XMPP Council Chair this
term - but when I've asked a couple of people, the response I get back is
always "Do we have a Tedd this year?". The position Tedd has created for
themselves and performed so well has become an integral part of how things
are done.

I don't know if Tedd is continuing this year - their position is voluntary,
after all - but I would like to thank Tedd, both personally and as the
(hopefully) outgoing XMPP Council Chair, for their sterling work.

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