[Standards] Council Minutes 2019-11-27

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As outgoing Chair, Dave chairs until a new Chair is elected.

1) Roll Call
Present: Jonas, Dave, Zash, Georg, Daniel

2) Agenda Bashing
Dave is only interested in casting off his shackles and passing the responsibility to some other poor soul.

3) Nominations for XMPP Council Chair
Jonas valiantly nominates himself for the extra work load; nobody else is so foolish.

4) Voting for XMPP Council Chair
Dave thinks it a bit pointless, but expects it's technically required, and goes ahead with this sham of an election.

Dave: +1
Daniel: +1
Georg: +1
Jonas: 0
Zash: +1

Dave officially hands over the reins to Jonas - the new Council Chair.
Jonas thanks everyone for their trust, and intends to use this newfound authority wisely.

5) Date of next
Jonas prefers the current timeslot for various reasons and would like to keep it if there are no objections; there are no objections.

2019-12-04 1600 UTC

Georg will be on the road next week.

6) AOB
Georg brings attention to website issue #653 (Zash needs a bio); also his usual tranche of AOBs which can continue to wait.

Jonas summarises his intented conduct for this reign: to send a meeting agenda by Tuesday 2000 UTC, which isn't quite 24 hours in advance, but provides the best opportunity for time to dedicate to the task; suggested agenda items not already labelled 'Needs Council' should be sent (email or XMPP) to jonas at zombofant.net (if sent to the standards list, a CC email would be helpful). Other suggestions are also welcome.
Dave suggests resurrecting the Spreadsheet of Doom - Dave will attempt to find a copy of the last one and hand it over, if there's interest; Georg admits to not missing it so much since there were regular voting summaries.

Pep suggests documenting "Council process for 2019/2020 term", possibly on the Wiki - and thereby automatically volunteers himself.

7) Close
Dave thanks Jonas.
Jonas thanks everyone again for their trust.

Jonas considers trying to revive SecretaryBot®; would also like to be able to see real JIDs in the Council MUC, as a quick identity check.

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