[Standards] Clarification on iq routing in semi-anonymous MUCs

Marvin W xmpp at larma.de
Sun Oct 6 15:15:11 UTC 2019


On 06.10.19 14:46, Jonas Schäfer wrote:
>> Currently server implementations seem to have diverting behavior in this
>> regard: ejabberd and Prosody<0.11 route IQs to the full JID (any of them
>> if there are multiple) except if the IQ contains a vCard query, which is
>> send to the bare JID. Prosody 0.11+ routes PubSub IQs to the bare JID.
>> ejabberd allows to disable IQ forwarding on a per room basis
>> (allow_query_users config).
> FTR, this is, as all of Multi-Session Nick, implementation-defined land. We 
> should probably clean this up indeed.

>> What is supposed to be the correct behavior? Can we clarify in
>> XEP-0045§17.4 how to correctly route IQs in a MUC?  
> Yes please, also Multi-Session Nick in general. It is a dark field of things 
> which is mostly passed on by tribal knowledge.
> I wonder whether it would make sense to mix both into the same add-on XEP.

I don't think that multi session nicks and iq routing are directly
related. Routing IQs to bare vs full jid makes a huge difference even in
single sessions.

Intuitively, if we wouldn't have multi-session nicks, I would argue that
IQs are to be routed to the full JID, because that's the same as
messages and there is no indication in XEP-0045 that IQs MAY be handled
differently, although there also isn't any explicit mention that they

However with multi-session nicks, IQ routing to the full JID makes less
sense, because there are multiple of them, so it is somehow related. In
fact in the wiki there is https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Multi-Session_Nicks
which has a section on IQ routing, asking IQs to be routed to one of the
connected full JIDs

I think we should
a) Clarify the routing of IQs in XEP-0045 or at least clarify that IQ
routing in MUCs is intended to be undefined behavior in XEP-0045 but
might be defined in other XEPs.
b) Write down the rules of multi session nicks (including IQ routing) in
a new XEP

One additional idea regarding IQ routing (and probably terribly
over-engineered) would be that the occupant somehow indicates how they
want their incoming IQs to be routed. This could even be statements like
"route vcard requests to bare jid, route pings to full jid and
ignore/error everything else". In multi session nick scenarios one could
even combine these statements so that some iqs are forwarded to bare,
some to full jid A and some to full jid B. - But if we do this, it
probably does not belong into XEP-0045...


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