[Standards] Message Attaching, Fastening, References

Jonas Schäfer jonas at wielicki.name
Mon Sep 9 13:43:19 UTC 2019

Hi Ralph,

On Montag, 9. September 2019 14:31:27 CEST Ralph Meijer wrote:
> With recent discussions on Message Attachments, Message Fastening,
> References, SIMS, edits (LMC, but any message) and Reactions, I took
> (quite) some time to write up a post [1] showing how they all could fit
> together. Lots of examples, and how they could be rendered.
> I took the liberty to make some changes here and there (and use
> urn:example: namespaces where I did) based on previous discussions and
> suggestions. It is not at all meant to be the final word in this space.
> Please discuss.

Thanks for writing this. I’m a bit short on time, so I’ll skip all praise and 
go straight to points of discussion:

1. I’m not sure if we should encourage MUC services to parse the plaintext 
body and fasten references based on that. This goes into XEP-0393 territory, 
and I think I’ve raised my points about the problems with opt-out (if at all) 
processing of the body often enough elsewhere. Think about code blocks (e.g. 
python uses @ for decorators) and stuff.

2. The post leaves out all discussion about the difficulties which arise on 
multi-language messages + references. It should at least be mentioned.

3. > Upon receiving the correction, the client discards all fastened 

  This sounds like weird special-casing. The effects of edits on apply-to 
certainly need to be discussed in more detail, around for example reactions. I 
don’t think that <references/> are the only thing which needs to be purged.

4. Regarding <mention/>: I suggest to have the MUC put the full participant 
<item/> in that, even for <mention/> elements which were created by clients. 

kind regards & thanks,
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