[Standards] MIX: Roster entries -> private PEP node (or something)

Steve Kille steve.kille at isode.com
Wed Sep 18 16:08:50 UTC 2019

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> Subject: [Standards] MIX: Roster entries -> private PEP node (or something)
> Hi,
> at the last summit we sort of came to the conclusion that we want to get rid of
> MIX roster entries and instead place 'joined channels' into a private PEP node or
> some other (non roster) place.
> The arguments in favor of roster were that it can be used to automatically send
> presence; However the same is true for any other storage place as the server
> can just decide to do that.
> Speaking against putting it in the roster is that it couples roster and MIX (some
> modern implementations might not want to use a roster but want to use MIX).
> For my own implementation i’m currently stuck at this point because loading the
> list of joined channels is the next logical step but without defining the syntax to
> retrieve that (and without having a server implementation) I can’t really move
> forward with that.
> So could we (as a community) reconfirm that we actually want to move mix
> entries out of the roster and then define where we want to store them again?
> cheers
> Daniel
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[Steve Kille] 

Just to note that I am not ignoring this thread.   I need to review with my co-author


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