[Standards] Message Retractions

Maxime Buquet pep at bouah.net
Tue Sep 24 08:40:30 UTC 2019

On 2019/09/23, JC Brand wrote:
> Based on our off-list discussion, I'm going to go with sending an IQ to the MUC
> JID in order to ask for a message to be retracted.
> The MUC then sends out the retraction message to all participants. This solves
> the problem of temporary moderators retracting messages and clients then later
> being unable to verify that the operation was done by someone with the
> necessary permissions.
> The MUC can then decide to replace the message with a tombstone in its XEP-0045
> message history or in the MAM store.
> I guess for MAM tombstoning the MAM service needs to advertise it via disco and
> the client needs to specifically ask for it in the IQ?
> When it comes to one-on-one conversations, I'm not sure what the equivalent
> interaction would be given that there isn't a dedicated service as in the case
> of MUC and because two MAM archives are involved. Perhaps sending the
> retraction message yourself (instead of asking for it to be sent via an IQ) is
> the preferred way there.
> I'd be happy to hear some suggestions. I'm leaning towards restricting
> the scope of this XEP to only MUCs (and MIX?) and ignoring the one-on-one
> usecase entirely.

What about looking at it the other way around? 1:1 being the general
case and MUC something that modifies/enhances it.

In 1:1, one would be able to send a retraction, referring to a previous
message that has been sent with the same barejid. I think this should
also be possible in MUCs.

Additionally in MUCs, one could send an IQ to the room so that the MUC
itself broadcasts it to all participants of that room.

Maxime “pep” Buquet
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