[Standards] Council Minutes 2019-09-18

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Sep 25 14:46:01 UTC 2019

On Fri, 20 Sep 2019 at 20:55, Tedd Sterr <teddsterr at outlook.com> wrote:

> http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2019-09-18?p=h#2019-09-18-f3a42a00b0bdf8c8
> Jonas commandeers 'The Chair.'
> *1) Roll Call*
> Present: Link, Georg, Jonas
> Apologies: Kev
> XA: Dave
> Georg will hang around for just long enough to rush through a meeting -
> promises no AOB.
Sorry about last week. Had some excitement to deal with.

> *2) Agenda Bashing*
> Lord Jonas of the House Schäfer, Member of Council, Editor of XEPs, and
> Merger of PRs notes PR #828, and knows of nothing else.
> Georg, who knows all about good agendas, believes this is a good agenda -
> the greatest - the best agenda since last week.
I thought we had a ProtoXEP - I know I was intending to veto it anyway, but
I was expecting to see it there.

> *3) PR #828 - XEP-0045: add muc#roominfo_webchat_url form field as used in
> the wild* - https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/828
> Jonas: +1 (author's privilege)
> Link: +1
> Georg: +1
> Dave: [pending]
> Kev: [pending]
I'm going to -1 this, but I can be persuaded not to.

The problem is there's lots of things that are perfectly sensible to put
into the MUC room info - similar facilities in other extensions, like
Pubsub, also have the same property.

I'd really like us not to publish an update for the primary spec every time
we do this - how would a spec ever move to Final, for one thing?

We need a better solution for this.

Note that I'm drawing my line in the sand with this one in part because
it's Jonas's, and I'm hoping he'll take this in the spirit it's intended.

So I'd like us to figure out a "better" solution to specifying these
things, or at least discuss this and give up.

> *4) Date of next*
> 2019-09-25 1500 UTC
> *5) AOB*
> Lord Jonas of the House Schäfer heard there is no AOB today - and thus it
> was.
> *6) Close*
> Lord Jonas of the House Schäfer thanks all for their attendance.
> Georg thanks Lord Jonas for a super-productive and very focused meeting.
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