[Standards] MIX Join: JID or ID?

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Paul,  Andrzej,


Thanks for your investigation and work on this.      I’ll respond to the original message.


Do you want to sort out the edits, or would you like me to?







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Hi Andrzej and list,

I re-read the git history of MIX and decided that the jid attribute in the examples of MIX-PAM is probably a remnant from 2018. Back then the "Proxy Jid" attribute was replaced by the concept of Stable Participant IDs in MIX-CORE.

I created https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/919 that changes the examples of MIX-PAM accordingly.

Happy Hacking!

On 28.02.20 16:58, Andrzej Wojcik wrote:


Wiadomość napisana przez Paul Schaub <vanitasvitae at fsfe.org <mailto:vanitasvitae at fsfe.org> > w dniu 28.02.2020, o godz. 14:01:


Hi List!

XEP-0369 (MIX-Core) section 7.1.2 about joining a channel states that
when the users server sends a join request to the mix channel, the
channel responds with an IQ of type result. Further it states:

"This stanza includes the nodes to which the user has been successfully
subscribed, as well as the bare JID that will be used for the user in
this channel and added to the participant list. The user's Stable
Participant ID is returned as an 'id' attribute in the join."

However, the given example (example 18)[1] does only contain an 'id'
attribute, but no jid. It is also no further specified in which form the
bare jid should be present.


Actually, in this example we are seeing a response from MIX channel to 

the users server, so channel jid is equal to 'from' attribute of the stanza.

XEP-0405 (MIX-PAM) on the other hand shows the channels response
containing a 'jid' attribute, but no 'id' (example 6)[2].


I've seen that while I was implementing it was difficult to tell what to do.

What is the correct way? Do we need both 'id' and 'jid' at the same
time? Is one of them optional? Can we deduce the 'id' from the 'jid'?


If I recall correctly, in one of the previous versions for MIX XEP,

there was an idea of using pariticipantId#channel at component

as a participant JID.


In this case JID '123456#coven at mix.shakespeare.example <mailto:123456%23coven at mix.shakespeare.example> ' would

have participant id of '123456' embedded in it.


Having in XEP-0369 'id' attribute and 'jid' attribute in XEP-0405 is

confusing. If possible I would suggest to get rid of 'jid' attribute from

XEP-0405 from the response and just keep 'id' attribute from

XEP-0369. However as we would be lacking channel JID in the

response, it would be nice just to add 'channel' attribute with

channel JID to the 'client-join' attribute of the users server 

response to the user.


Andrzej Wójcik


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