[Standards] Registrar: disco-categories: Add 'telegram' gateway type

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at mozilla.com
Mon Apr 6 16:25:17 UTC 2020

On 4/5/20 10:44 AM, Maxime Buquet wrote:
> On 2020/04/04, Linus Jahn wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I opened a pull request more than 1.5 years ago and received a +1 from stpeter,
>> but no further interaction. The pull request was not merged.
>> The pull request can be found here:
>> https://github.com/xsf/registrar/pull/30
>> Can I do something to speed up this? Is writing a mail here the correct way?
>> Thanks in advance,
> Hey Linus,
> Sorry for the lack of response on this issue.
> For some reason I entirely missed this. I'm now subscribing to this
> repo.
> This is editor realm. 

Yes, and handling the registries is just about the only thing I'm doing
for the editor team now.

PR merged.

> The registry has been somewhat "off" for a long
> time now. I don't know the details but I believe not easy to update
> because something something infrastructure.
> As you can see in the xsf/xeps repo[0] some PRs are also blocking on
> this.
> I hope iteam gets to have a look at this soon.

+1 - I haven't looked into these infra issues in quite some time so I no
longer feel competent to fix them.


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