[Standards] Feedback: XEP-0353: Jingle Message Initiation

Andrzej Wojcik andrzej.wojcik at tigase.net
Tue Apr 21 10:51:46 UTC 2020


> Wiadomość napisana przez Daniel Gultsch <daniel at gultsch.de> w dniu 08.04.2020, o godz. 12:15:
> Add a disco feature:
> Assuming that I have presence subscription with the person I want to
> call and I can see that they support Jingle I still might want to use
> JMI to have all of their devices ring. However if they don’t support
> JMI I may want to play it safe and session-init one of their devices
> directly instead. Currently I can’t discover if i have to play it safe
> or not. A feature for JMI would solve that.

+1, knowledge if other end supports JMI is important to make JMI work reliable.

> cheers
> Daniel
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