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> Wiadomość napisana przez JC Brand <lists at opkode.com> w dniu 30.12.2020, o godz. 17:28:
>> In the proposed protoXEP <reference/> element contains real bare JID of the user affiliated with the room, which is available, if I'm correct, only in non-anonymous rooms. In semi-anonymous it may not be available. Due to that it restricts usage of the protoXEP only to the cases in which bare jids of users in the room are known to the occupants.
> You could still reference the person by MUC JID and nickname, as long as the nickname is registered (i.e. exclusive to one user) in the MUC.

Yes, with use of full JID of the occupant in the MUC room. That should work.

>> Additionally I'm not sure if affiliation of a user with a room is enough for sending notifications as nickname used to mention someone could be already taken by someone else (if affiliation will not block nickname from being reuse and AFAIR it does not).
> I was under the assumption that all affiliated users have their nicknames registered (i.e. the nicks can't be taken by anyone else). Is this wrong?

I'm not sure if affiliation has anything to do with nickname, ie. owner affiliation is set to owners JID but I do not recall that his nickname is somehow connect to the affiliation. I suppose that the same goes for admin affiliation. I also suppose that you can be invite to the room and join it then leave it and still be a member of this room while you could join with any nickname you want.

In my opinion, affiliation is not connected in any way to nickname registration, so you could register a nickname without having an affiliation and you could have an affiliation without registering a nickname,

> If this requirement is too lax, then I guess we'll have to update the XEP to require nickname registration instead of (just) affiliation.

If I'm correct, I suppose that nickname registration would be required as well.

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