[Standards] Call for Experience: XEP-0198: Stream Management

Andrew Nenakhov andrew.nenakhov at redsolution.com
Wed Feb 26 11:09:40 UTC 2020

сб, 22 февр. 2020 г. в 14:49, Jonas Schäfer <jonas at wielicki.name>:
> Instead of dropping SM and introducing explicit versioning protocols
> everywhere, wouldn’t it make more sense to increase SM timeouts to something
> useful for mobile clients?

Versioned protocols have one more crucial advantage, that comes as a
natural side-effect: if we go for the restoration of state instead of
resuming the stream, we can cold-start a client way faster. You enter
your credentials into a client, boom, in 3 seconds you see all your
recent conversations, with marked unread messages, etc. Extremely
useful on web clients.

Andrew Nenakhov
CEO, redsolution, OÜ

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