[Standards] UPDATED: XEP-0401 (Easy User Onboarding)

Daniel Gultsch daniel at gultsch.de
Thu Jan 9 15:29:08 UTC 2020


I’m halfway done with my implementation of XEP-0401 and I do have some feedback.

There are certain aspects of the 'Easy XMPP stack' that I don’t like
that all boil down to XEP-0379 and XEP-0401 being too tightly
integrated with each other.

I do see use cases for token based registration as an alternative to
open ibb and _independently_ of that I could also see some benefits of
pre authenticating roster subscriptions. (Side note; personally I
would like to slowly move us away from hard dependencies on roster
subscriptions; and at least the initial few messages are working
relatively fine without in practice.)

In theory (I think) you can implement 0401 without 0379 (And I did so
for the client side); but the tight integration makes 0401 difficult
to comprehend since you have to ignore all the 0379 bits and it
introduces some side effects. For example the case of "please register
on server x with token y and then contact me on z" is not covered for
x != z. Also the fact that both use the "preauth" parameter might save
some space in the URI but is really irritating for when you either
*only* want to use ibr preauth or only roster preauth (leading to the
register/invite feature that wouldn’t be necessary if it were two
different things)

I could probably go on and come up with more side effects but in the
end it all boils down to: I think this should be two independent XEPs
that don’t depend on each other because they are solving to
independend problems and are independently useful and I may wish to
decide to implement one but not the other.


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