[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Inbox

Florian Schmaus flo at geekplace.eu
Wed Jan 22 11:43:14 UTC 2020

On 21.01.20 17:28, Andrew Nenakhov wrote:
> Notice: this is a rather early sketch of a copy of a technology that we
> already use to great results and have implemented in a open-source and
> available XMPP server and at least two clients on different platforms
> (third is upcoming in a few months, too), that sync with each other
> swiftly and correctly.

Out of curiosity, could you reveal the names of those implementations?

> Mostly, our only limitation now is the speed at which we can translate
> our existing and implemented specification
> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1miQ3aTsdlaRWbs9Q13BqoXrD5uFfITaTK1Mn8n6SqBM/edit>
> to English.
> Proposed specification does not address ways to work with retracted /
> edited messages,

What do you suggest? How should retracted or edited messages be handled?
Could you say a few words what your specification does in this regard?

> and does not provide info on incoming audio calls,

I am not sure how incoming calls are related to an inbox functionality,
or are we talking about pending/unanswered ongoing incoming calls?

> which I can say from experience is crucial for such XEP performance on
> mobile devices that support calls and depend on push notifications.
> (in other news, push notifications as described in XEP-0357 requires
> serious reform due to recent changes to Apple APNS rules.

What are those changes to Apple APNS and which changes are required to
xep357 because of those?

> This also
> affects XEP-0353 Jingle Message Initiation, which is no longer
> practical, even with our additional roundtrip that we proposed last summer)

How does this affect xep353. Do you have a pointer to your proposal
involving an additional roundtrip?

- Florian

> вт, 21 янв. 2020 г. в 21:06, Jonas Schäfer <jonas at wielicki.name
> <mailto:jonas at wielicki.name>>:
>     The XMPP Extensions Editor has received a proposal for a new XEP.
>     Title: Inbox
>     Abstract:
>     This specification proposes a mechanism by which clients can find a
>     list of ongoing conversations and their state.
>     URL: https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/inbox.html
>     The Council will decide in the next two weeks whether to accept this
>     proposal as an official XEP.
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