[Standards] OMEMO:2 Spec Sprint

Sofía Celi cherenkov at riseup.net
Wed Jan 22 23:41:48 UTC 2020

Hi, Paul and everyone else!

This is Sofi from OTRv4.

Thanks so much for this! It was great meeting and getting to know the
XMPP and OMEMO community back in December! Thanks so much for that!

I will love to attend and maybe as Chris said, on other email replying
to this one, get a look and OTRv4 and what can be taken from it for
OMEMO, or maybe talk about the thoughts we had for an OMEMOv2

I will get myself super update with the current OMEMO state to be able
to collaborate.

When you have it, share the date so I can attend as I will love to!

Thanks so much!

Sofía Celi
Cryptographic research and implementation at many places
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