[Standards] Council Minutes 2020-07-08

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Mon Jul 13 22:39:31 UTC 2020


1) Roll Call
Present: Georg, Daniel, Jonas, Zash
Absconding: Dave

2) Agenda Bashing
Jonas would like to quietly squeeze in deprecating XEP-0048 - nobody objects.

3) Editor's Update
* Nothing major

4a) Last Call: XEP-0411 (Bookmarks Conversion) - https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0411.html
Jonas thinks there are already implementations, so the LC seems like a good idea.

Jonas: +1
Zash: +1
Georg: +1
Daniel: +1
Dave: [pending]

4b) Last Call: XEP-0352 (Client State Indication) - https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0352.html
Daniel: +1
Zash: +1
Georg: +1
Jonas: +1
Dave: [pending]

4c) XEP-0402 (PEP Native Bookmarks) supersedes XEP-0048 (Bookmarks), deprecating 0048 - https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0402.html
Guus has pointed out that it's confusing to have XEP-0048 in Draft with no mention of XEP-0402; additionally, there is confusion around the example in XEP-0223 (Persistent Storage of Private Data via PubSub) which feels very similar to what 0048 and 0402 are doing, but that should be a topic for a PR.
Georg thinks this was already foreshadowed in the 'Future Development' section of XEP-0423 (XMPP Compliance Suites 2020), plus 0402 is now in Draft.
Jonas thinks we should get rid of 0048-style Private PEP usage (a single item grouping otherwise separable items) where possible.

Georg: +1
Jonas: +1
Zash: +1
Daniel: +1
Dave: [pending]

5) Pending Votes
Jonas notes that the vote on PR #963 expires today, but is still confused about the change, and the list discussion is still ongoing, so his veto will persist until there is a consensus. Georg is relieved at not having to make a decision.

Jonas also notes the pending votes on advancing XEP-0338 (Georg and Dave) - Georg gives a +1.

6) AOB
…wait, not yet…

6) Date of Next
2020-07-15 1500 UTC

Jonas will do his best to attend, but may have to do battle against a dastardly customer to regain control of his work schedule. Georg might be a bit late too.

7) AOB (This time it's serious)
Since Jonas can't poke Dave about the video chat, he has nothing.

Zash had trouble posting to the Council mailing list (post held for moderation) - Jonas thought members should be auto-subscribed (for certain definitions of 'auto'); Jonas will mention it to MattJ, or Zash could if he weren't in vacation mode.

8) Close
Thanks everyone and all.

Zash did a thing.

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