[Standards] Council Minutes 2020-07-15

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Thu Jul 16 16:04:16 UTC 2020


1) Roll Call
Present: Jonas, Zash, Daniel
Apologies: Georg
Pre-occupied: Dave

Jonas is starting to worry about Dave's whereabouts.

2) Agenda Bashing
Nothing to modify.

3) Editor's Update
* No major events.

4) Items for voting

5) Outstanding Votes
Four for Dave: Advancing XEP-0338 expires today, and three more from last week.

6) Date of Next
2020-07-22 1500 UTC

Jonas will be on vacation, but hopes the lack of schedule won't lead to forgetting about Council.
Zash will be emerging from vacation mode.

7) AOB
Daniel wonders whether the video call is still happening - Jonas says it's currently blocking on Dave, who's been unresponsive for two weeks.

Daniel asks whether the issue with people being unable to post to the Council list has been resolved - Jonas was under the impression that Zash 'did something.'

Jonas isn't keen to take on even more responsibility for things at the moment, e.g. rescheduling the video call; Daniel adds that Georg didn't respond to the scheduling mail either, and is going to assume it won't be happening any time soon - Jonas thinks that's a safe assumption.

8) Close
Thanks everyone.

Dave lets everyone know he's alive, and intends to do some voting.

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