[Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Reminders

Marcos marcos at tenak.net
Tue Mar 31 23:18:59 UTC 2020


thanks for your feedback Georg, really appreciated.

Georg Lukas writes:

> I could imagine an ad-hoc command for adding reminders, and otherwise
> just regular PEP access to a node, with backend server logic to "expire"
> reminders when they are due and to convert them into messages.

I can see that a solution based on PEP makes listing your reminders a
matter of checking some well-known node. But, maybe I just misread your
message, why would you use an ad-hoc command for adding reminders
instead of PEP's publish mechanism?

> For groupchat reminders, it might be a little bit more complicated,
> because the occupant who triggered the message might have left. However,
> a reminder might well be sent from the room's bare JID.

I had the idea (unspecified in the ProtoXEP, though) that in the case of
groupchats the reminder shall be sent to the room's bare JID.

I'll try to sum up the feedback received up to now.  I wanted to send
this earlier, but last weeks, unsurprisingly, have been hectic, to say
the least.

So, I think there's agreement at least on:

 * a way of retrieving current reminders must be provided
 * not using IQ stanzas but, probably, ad-hoc commands (now also maybe PEP?)
 * use the more common <body> element for the reminder's text instead of
And som kind of agreement on using XEP-0004, but given that datatypes
are not well defined in there, XEP-0122 may be useful for both
validation and display hints for clients.

Lastly, I found interesting Jonas' comment on possible changes on the
tzdata information and how this can be handled by providing both the
localtime and the timezone indication.  I think this can be worth

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks for your attention,

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