[Standards] XEP-0424: Service discovery on the server side

Pawel Chrzaszcz pawel.chrzaszcz at erlang-solutions.com
Mon May 4 11:48:52 UTC 2020


I am a developer of MongooseIM (https://github.com/esl/MongooseIM) and
currently I am adding the support for message retraction (XEP-0424). There
is a growing need for a standard way to support message
deletion/retraction, so I like the fact that there is a new specification
for it.

According to the XEP: "If a client or service implements message
retraction, it MUST specify the 'urn:xmpp:message-retract:0' feature in its
service discovery information features".

When should the server include this feature in its discovery information?
If a client sends a discovery request to the address of the main XMPP
service, should the server response contain this feature if the server
archives retraction messages in MAM (XEP-0313)? This should be enough to
satisfy the only mandatory server-side requirement of the XEP.

Another option would be to advertise this feature only if messages are
really removed or replaced with tombstones whenever a retract message is
received. However, support for actual removal of messages is not mandatory
in the XEP. MongooseIM would replace the messages with tombstones if such a
feature is enabled by the user.

I think that whatever rule is chosen, the same should apply for a MUC
service if message archive/retraction is enabled for it.

Paweł Chrząszcz
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