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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Nov 18 17:08:00 UTC 2020

Hey all,

I think I'm too old to understand Stickers, but anyway...

Some comments about Stickers:

1) Use of fallback body

I really dislike this as a general mechanism, but at least let's mark it
using XEP-0428 (and if that's not quite right, let's fix it).

2) It uses SFS, but modifies its behaviour with an additional sibling

This has some really odd behaviour to naive clients - a client supporting
SFS but not stickers will show a downloadable file, which is exactly not
what you want here.

This makes me wonder if the appropriate solution is to enhance SFS with a
content disposition field, but also place the <sticker/> element within it.

(And yes, I know that XEP-0428 causes <body/>'s behaviour to be modified by
a sibling element, but in that instance I don't think there's a viable

3) The <restricted/> element is weird.

It says that receiving clients SHOULD NOT import the sticker pack if it's
marked as restricted.

"SHOULD NOT" is a term imported from RFC 2119 which refers to
interoperability. It also suggests there are circumstances where client can
safely ignore this and remain interoperable.

I'm guessing that "SHOULD NOT" here is intended to indicate an ethical or
legal concern, and not an interoperability concern.

None of these seem blocking, though.

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