[Standards] NEW: XEP-0449 (Stickers)

Marvin W xmpp at larma.de
Tue Nov 24 23:41:53 UTC 2020


On 24.11.20 22:20, Ivan Vučica wrote:
> However it also seems to me like the current spec might be suboptimal
> in case a sticker pack wants to provide PNG + animated GIF + any other
> media format. For instance, I may provide an animated GIF thumbs up,
> an animated PNG thumbs up, but also a specific static PNG in case
> someone desires not to see animations. These are not three different
> stickers; they're the same sticker. Therefore, providing three images
> with the same thumbs-up desc would not do the trick.

I indeed haven't thought about multiple file formats for a single
sticker and I think it's a good idea to add those. Though I personally
think that files with/without animation should not be considered
different file formats, but instead should be different stickers,
possibly even in different sticker packs (one animated and one static
sticker pack of the same kind).

> - I have privacy concerns about PEP: publishing a sticker pack in a
> discoverable PEP node means PEP components might leak all packs
> imported by a user

The idea here was that PEP nodes typically are not world-readable but
require presence subscription and as such are only readable by contacts.
Contacts tend to know which sticker packs you are using anyway and also
they are supposed to be able to fetch them from you after receiving them.

> - There's no way to update a sticker pack once imported by a user

Yes, sticker packs are immutable in the current design. This is so that
sticker packs can be distributed in the federated network and still
carry the same id on each copy guaranteeing they are the same. Otherwise
sticker packs would have to reside at a single location so that there is
an authority to update it. (Technically one could also do this with
cryptographic signatures and versioning, but that increases the
complexity even further and the private key would need to be handled

> - It may make sense for <pack/> to *also* be an external reference to
> an HTTP document

Do you mean for referencing a website of the sticker pack (whatever that
would be) or for fetching the sticker pack instead of fetching it
through pubsub? Alternative methods to transport indeed could be
explored here and uploading a XML file with the <pack/> would be an
option, but I fail to see the significant advantage of such approach.


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