[Standards] MAM Sync Strategies

Thilo Molitor thilo at eightysoft.de
Tue Aug 31 16:36:37 UTC 2021

Yes, if you add an already used account to a fresh install of Monal, it will 
not show any old history.
But you can the the "pull to load" feature in an open chat to load old 
messages not already present in the local history via MAM.

While the "before" may not strictly be necessary, it makes the intention of 
the code clearer.


Am Samstag, 28. August 2021, 03:01:00 CEST schrieb Sam Whited:
> I may have misunderstood, but if we're only fetching the last message
> the first time, do you start out with no history? Also, why set "before"
> at all if it's only one message, the direction won't matter, no?
> —Sam
> On Fri, Aug 27, 2021, at 09:34, Thilo Molitor wrote:
> > When the user first sets up a new account, we query the archive with
> > end=<current datetime> and RSM {max=1, before=""}
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