[Standards] Feedback about stickers and more

Wild Turtles contact at wild-turtles.com
Wed Nov 17 17:33:29 UTC 2021


It's just some feed back about my experience with xmpp alternative and a 
global reflexion, they are probably a little out of the scope who knows. 
Just let me knows what is out or not and what can be the best 
integration for that.

Stickers :

- stickers white or black with transparent background can be a problem 
with client theming (dark vs light)

- stickers can be used for several channel/servers

- provider should be able to configure (as server/client) with 
accept/ban list.

for ie :

xmpp.server.one : allow (provider.one/list1), disallow( 
provider.one/list2, provider.two)

xmpp.server.two : allow (provider.one), disallow( provider.two)

in a ideal world stickers list (and avatar pictures, and 3D avatar) are 
served by federated decentralised server and can be store client side 
with a way to store localy.

Other stuff :

- account need identity and a way to easily customize it 
toto at xmpp.server.one => one identity by server or per channel and a way 
to show or not vcard and other stuff.

- a way to show (can be disactivate by profile) if a user is on same 

- a way to add notes about a user or a channel (something see only by 
the user but syncable)

for notes and vcard maybe the best is a way to send open it directly in 
an address book (probably already exist or something like mailto: ).


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