[Standards] Council Minutes 2021-11-24

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Thu Nov 25 18:05:45 UTC 2021


1) Roll Call
Present: Zash, Jonas, Daniel, Georg
Absent: Dave

2) Agenda Bashing

3) Editor's Update

4) Items for Voting

5) Pending Votes

6) AOB
Jonas considered giving a protracted speech summarising every detail of Council business from the past year, but decided not to drag this out unnecessarily (and to avoid tears.)
Georg thinks it was a great term, and thanks everybody.
Jonas would like to note that only one of the 40 Council votes expired [2.5%], compared with four of the 95 in the previous term [4.2%], which is a slight improvement [60% is slight?], so that's nice.
Jonas thanks all for their attendance, insight, and votes; is sorry to see some go, but can fully understand it.
Zash thanks Jonas for chairing - Jonas takes a bow, and hopes to find someone (else) to do it for the next term.
Georg compliments Jonas on doing a great job as Chair, with structure and preparation [as any self-respecting German should appreciate] - it was a great pleasure; Georg dreams of providing a similar level of quality someday.

7) Close
Thanks everyone!

Zash now feels obligated to finish the heap of half-done XEPs he started over the last few years.

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