[Standards] [XEP-0030] we can't get basic information on a bare JID without presence subscription

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Wed Jan 19 09:11:59 UTC 2022

> The problem is that I need to have presence subscription to do that on a bare JID (due to "https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0030.html#security"), even if the node I want to request (in the presence case, it's XEP-0277's microblog node) is open and thus publicly accessible.

> I've made a pull request to update XEP-0030 at https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1145[1] . My proposal is to remove entirely those considerations (but to keep ones regarding available resources).

Thanks for providing the PR. I see the rationale and the need for a
change, and I don't disagree with a backward-compatible change.

However, in the specific PR you are completely removing the
"algorithmic" description of what a server is supposed to do and which
exact replies it has to send.

Instead, I would very much welcome a PR that retains the overall
structure that you removed, and instead improves the wording of the
conditions to cover the additional use cases, like nodes with "open"
access model.

> An other option could be to keep the consideration, but allow disco#info when a node is specified, thus one could disco#info with node "urn:xmpp:microblog:0" even without pubsub subscription, that would keep the "service-unavailble" when no node is specified (but I think this measure will become totally useless as open nodes will become more common).

If you prefer to go down this path, this would be a change to XEP-0277,
where it can just override the default "MUST NOT" behavior of 0030
without touching the text of 0030, but I really see a need to update
0030 to cover the "open" nodes.

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