[Summit] whiteboard notes

bear bear42 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 21:29:19 UTC 2012

Here are the notes I took - any errors or gaps are mine, please
add/correct if you spot them:

Thursday, 2012/10/25

1. Informational XEP on acking
198 - stream management
bosh 124
message receipts 184
stanza acking
AMP - 79 (deprecate?)

how big to keep a queue
which XEP does what?
when to use which tools

2. batch size to controllable in BOSH
3. BOSH cleanup
4. 198 w/websocket


1. BOSH vs WebSocket
2. XMPP over WebSocket
3. batch / buffer size
4. General BOSH cleanup
  - pipelining,
  - what happens when two requests are received with the same RID
  - terminate all sessions when close request is made?
5. Session attachment
  - prebinding
  - oauth in HTTP
  - SASL XMPP == tunneling
  - no channel binding
  - 206: header with token
6. Shared BOSH
 - won't need it once we have shared web workers
 - do this at BOSH layer of XMPP layer?
   - subscribe to existing
   - roster versioning? carbons?

Friday, 2012/10/27

Shared BOSH
 - client state at application level
   messaging carbons
   pubsub - sub from all resources
   muc - join from all (shared nicks)
 - issues: latency
 - cache on the server with SAM (Stanza Archiving Mechanism)
 - lost state: muc rooms, pub sub, transport registrations, etc
  - autojoin
  - joined rooms
 - store in a roster?

1. PEP Versioning
2. best practices for saving state

 - object formats
 - map e.g. pubsub to S.S.E
  (generalize: content-type)
  BuddyCloud - API Server
 - wire format vs objects in code
 - socket.io like experience - stanza.io


bandwidth better, latency = issue
data still costly
always-on xmpp not workable
push notification to wake up
best practices for considering a session to be dead (XEP-198 resumption)
negotiate keepalives
EMN = OMA spec for SMS wakeup
    wakeup (with IMAP id to ??? server)
client tells server to use wakeup
don't send me presence (SIFT? or Google Queue-ish)


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