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On 1/6/13 2:08 PM, Winfried Tilanus wrote:
> On 01/04/2013 08:06 AM, bear wrote:
> Hi,
>> If I have missed your talk or made some other silly mistake,
>> please do send a correction to the Summit list so I can fix it.
>> Please do make sure it's to the Summit list so everyone who is 
>> interested in the Summit can see it.
> Will there be some room/space for hacking/hands-on work too? At
> and after summit 12 there was some need articulated to write
> technology overview papers on some topics that raised reoccurring
> questions. If there are enough people willing to participate, I
> would like to coordinate a sprint on writing those. Topics that are
> likely good to get started on: - Shared BOSH/websockets c.q.
> cross-tab and cross-device state sharing - XMPP over unreliable and
> low bandwidth connections - Setting up a to HTTP/websockets
> restricted clientI mentioned
> Think it would be good to have both people who feel comfortable
> with the technical details on these, for outlining the text and
> reviewing it, and people who feel comfortable with writing texts
> like these involved.

Hi Winfried,

If we want to do that (and I think it's a good idea), then I think it
might help to sketch those out on the wiki beforehand (at least a
brief abstract and outline). I don't have time for that this week, but
I could work on it next week.


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