[Summit] Minutes IoT Working Group

Dominik Renzel renzel at dbis.rwth-aachen.de
Sun Feb 1 16:52:02 UTC 2015

Hi all,

on Friday, we had an ad-hoc working group active on Kev's requirement to 
use comprehensible use cases as guidance for the IoT XEPs . Find 
attached a first draft of the minutes. Please feel free to correct, 
wherever necessary.

Thanks to all of you for an inspiring XMPP Summit 17!


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# XMPP Summit 17 (2015-01-30, Diegem, Belgium)
## Minutes IoT Working Group 
Joachim Lindborg, Johannes Hund, Markus Kohlhase, István Koren, Dominik Renzel, (Sorry, couldn't remember all names...; plz add your name if missing) 

### Motivation 
Kev's request to break down/rewrite existing IoT XEPs to widely comprehensible use cases 

### Introduction
Short conceptual overview of IoT XEPs & demo by Joachim

### Discussion 
__How to design use cases?__
- Audience: smart house owners/providers, independent OSS developers, grandma,... 
- Scenarios getting complex quickly
- Required: coherent narrative throughout all IoT XEPs
- Approach: bottom up (smallest scenario possible -> scale up -> add features)
	1. basic concepts (client, device, provisioning server, concentrator, etc.) 
	2. read/write (1 client, 1 device); How to read/write from/to device? Payload format? 
	3. add more devices (1 client, 2 devices); How to work with multiple devices? How to build up ecosystem?
	4. concentrator (1 client, m devices); How to deal with complex structures of devices?
	5. provisioning (n clients, m devices); How to provide access to devices for multiple clients? How to manage access rights?
	6. more features
__What are suitable use case scenarios?__
- Setting up an IoT ecosystem from scratch (end-user view)
- Roll-out of new hardware incl. JID pass-over (device provider view)
- Markus: student experimentation workbench (less relevance for most IoT users)
- Johannes: office building environment incl. lighting, heating, presence, access, etc. (largely relevant for IoT users)

__How to support development against IoT XEPs?__
- Existing: 
	- github.com/xmpp-iot (collection of use cases) 
	- 3 tutorials (same scenario for Python, JS, C#)
	- BUT: devs required to setup IoT hardware in advance; no reference implementation/emulation environment available
- Proposals:
	- Interactive playground web site (code reuse from Lloyd's colorful dots))?
	- In-browser IoT environment emulation (cf. Docker tutorial)
	- Real environment with real devices + remotely accessible camera (like Joachim's table)
	- Joachim: please add scenarios to github/xmpp-iot
- Realization: 
	- Collaboration LSYS/RWTH? (High-tech Entrepreneurship Lab)
	    - LSYS provides & supervises task -> RWTH students realize tasks with support by RWTH teaching assistants
	    - Lab starts in winter term 2015/16	

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