[Foundation] voting update

Iain Shigeoka iainshigeoka at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 8 13:08:33 CST 2002

On 3/8/02 8:41 AM, "DJ Adams" <dj.adams at pobox.com> wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 07, 2002 at 11:13:49PM -0800, Iain Shigeoka wrote:
>> I would tend to agree that voting on certain issues should be mandatory for
>> members (given enough warning).  We don't have that down though as a rule so
>> currently it is perfectly acceptable not to vote...  ;)  I'd tend to be
> Just MHO, but if we only did things because there were rules telling
> us to, this community would have fallen apart long ago :-)

:)  Agreed.  The thing I'm concerned about is that we're moving into a more
business oriented stage for Jabber (at least that was my perception for why
we needed the JSF).  And when you start involving business, you tend to have
a lot of people that really play the rules...for better or worse.  Sort of
like the differences between running meetings between guys at the pub over
beers, and holding meetings under Roberts Rules of Order.  I'm thinking that
JSF is more on the RRO side of things so its important for us to start
getting the proper "rules of order" in place...as painful as that seems at


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