[Foundation] today's JSF discussion

Barry G. Lee bglee at sltscommunications.net
Wed Mar 20 14:01:27 CST 2002

We seem to have a problem to get it on the table, which is what we have
attempted to do for the last year.

What would you suggest??


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On 3/20/02 12:39 PM, "Barry G. Lee" <bglee at sltscommunications.net>

> This agenda absolutely mystifies me.
> With all of the uproar of last week over membership and trade mark how

> can you ignore  not having these two items on the agenda. Is this 
> another attempt to hope that these two issues will go away.

*sigh* That's a big accusation to make. I would imagine that it's more
of an honest mistake by a very busy, under-appreciated JSF secretary.

> We at slts made an offer last Friday to help JSF pay for a trade mark 
> review. This offer was made in good faith and there was no reply until

> one of the other members ( Iain ) asked if there had been a response. 
> Then there was a response from Jeremie who I believe felt he needed to

> say something but there was no direction.
> The Trade Mark issue has been ongoing for a year and we for one had 
> several voice conversations with Michael Bauer. He told us then that 
> Jabber.com,Inc would be defending what he believed to be their Trade 
> Mark.
> Because our offer to the JSF seems to have been rejected, slts would 
> be pleased to set up a private conference chat with anybody that has 
> an interest and would like to discuss this further.

Having a private conference isn't going to solve anything. Let's just
get this thing in the open. If the JSF board won't talk about it, don't
just go find a closet to discuss the issue in.
This is the way wars are started -- unfounded accusations and a blatant
attempt to build a backing by taking discussions underground.


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