[Members] voting update

Jehan jehan at zemarmot.net
Fri Feb 6 10:28:05 CST 2009


I am not seeing either the bot, but since I have migrated my server around
10 days ago (and spending a lot of my free time on this all since then), I
have some issue with S2S apparently... Until I manage to repair this, I
will probably make my votes differently.

Could you maybe try to delete my account from the bot's roster (xmpp same
as email) and make a new subscription so that I can see if I receive it?


On Thu, 05 Feb 2009 20:37:42 +0100, Alexander Gnauck
<gnauck at ag-software.de>
> anders conbere schrieb:
>> I'm not seeing member bot as online
> Memberbot is online. It's possible that you are subscribed with a wrong 
> Jid. Let me know your preferred Jid and I will check.
> Alex
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