[Members] Board Meeting Minutes, 2016-11-23 1700Z

Martin Hewitt martin.hewitt at surevine.com
Mon Nov 28 16:15:15 UTC 2016

Present: Arc Riley, Ralph Meijer (Chair) Martin Hewitt, Matthew Wild,
Nicolas Verité,
Also present: Sam Whited, Tobias Markmann, Peter Saint-Andre

These minutes have not been formally accepted by the Board and therefore
have no official status.

1) Welcome & roll call
Started on time(ish). Last meeting's minutes were accepted

2) Minutes
Absent dwd, Martin stepped into the breach (Apologies in advance)

3) Topics for decisions

3.1) Summit
Format: Ralph mentioned a request from the managers of the FOSDEM devroom
to host a generic RTC at our Summit. Concerns were raised about whether
diluting the summit was a sensible move, but also whether the summit had
enough content to fill the allotted time. The Summit page (
https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_21) contains a number of suggestions from
pocock, and it was agreed to read and digest these succestions, and discuss
in detail next week. Ralph will talk to pocock about what is hoped to be
achieved from the merge of similar issues. Matthew noted the need for an
agenda ahead of time to keep the summit on topic.

4) Committment list
- Missing Peter Saint-Andre so skipped the D&0 quote item
- Ralph scrubbed through the Council logs and deduced stpeter as the IoT
SIG leader, but no sign of a vote for the protoXEP, Sam chimed in to say it
was voted on, and he would publish it if appropriate. Ralph agreed it
should be published
- Marketing: Budget was discussed from the point of view of what materials
would be appropriate, using FOSDEM as an example; table cloths, roller
banners etc. Peter was asked what he thought reasonable for FOSDEM &
Summit, and proposed 1,000-1,500 $/€. $1,500 was agreed as a guideline.
Ralph mentioned that some materials are cheaper in the Netherlands than the
US, and offered to receive any physical collateral and transport it to
FOSDEM. Nicolas offered to do the same from Paris. Arc offered the help of
some Google SOC participants under the "outreach" programme to create some
useful pamphlets.

5) Items for discussion
Bumped to next week, asked Sam to expand on his item for next week. Ralph
requested that all think about Board goals for next week too.

6) AOB

7) Time/date of next
Same time next week.


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